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Snippet: Long promised us, the passwordless future floats forever on the horizon, like a mirage. In 2020, responding to the pandemic, we opened scores of new digital accounts and downloaded mobile apps for banking, shopping, work, and play. In the process, our hoard of passwords grew by over 25 percent, according to some studies.

How advanced new technologies deployed in tandem will deliver a passwordless future

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 What's inside: A collective look at a passwordless future with contributions from global experts:

    • Digital banking transformation’s surprising secret for success
      Stessa Cohen, strategic advisor, PivotAssets
    • Widening the web with browser authentication
      Andries Maritz, product manager, Entersekt
    • Focus on behavioral biometrics
      Alan Goode, CEO and chief analyst, Goode Intelligence
    • Secure online shopping experience set to improve with delegated authentication
      Gerhard Oosthuizen, chief technology officer, Entersekt
    • The ultimate marriage of convenience: behavioral biometrics and strong device identity
      Robert Capps, VP marketplace innovation, NuData Security
      Uwe Härtel, central Europe country manager, Entersekt
    • Say hello to the prospect of passwordless authentication
      Simon Armstrong, VP product, Entersekt


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