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Reduce the risk
of fraud.

We work closely with our customers to proactively secure their digital
channels and guard against digital banking and payment frauds.

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Inspire true
customer loyalty.

Engage your customers with highly relevant and
intuitive experiences no matter their chosen touchpoint.
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Offer a consistent, low-friction checkout experience
to drive down cart abandonment and increase revenue.
Entersekt's Strong Authentication

Entersekt rolls out behavioral analytics for real-time risk scoring with NuData Security

Seamless Africa

Revisiting authentication in the age of SRC and EMV 3-D Secure

Entersekt's Strong Authentication

R & D Engineer


Introducing the Entersekt Secure Platform.

Establish trust, identify your user and provide them with new and innovative experiences that drive brand loyalty.

Entersekt Secure Platform

Enabling rich user experiences.


Passwordless login


Secure payments


Smart messaging

Want to see the technology in action?

Entersekt Mobile Security benefits
Robust security
Consistent user experience
Mobile App Security for Financial Institutions
Increased engagement
Entersekt Mobile-App ecurity and Multi-factor Authentication Solutions
Reduced cost of fraud
Multi-factor Authentication Solutions
Regulatory compliance
Reduce Fraud with Entersekt Technology
Widely deployed
Protect cardholder's Online Shopping
Easy registration
Enterssekt Secure Platform
Innovative roadmap


Find out what Entersekt can do for you.

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Entersekt is an innovator of customer-centric fintech solutions. Financial services providers and other enterprises rely on our patented mobile identity system to provide both security and the best in convenient new digital experiences to their customers, irrespective of the service channel. With us, they can concentrate on their innovation roadmap, while delivering intuitive, low-friction digital experiences to their customers.