Not everyone gets in. The ones who do are ideas people, the higher-standards people, the help-others-out people. But if you do get in, you will step straight into a collaborative, open-door culture with no room for egos, but lots of room for big ideas.

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Values we live by.

At Entersekt, our people are driven by shared values and the need to do things right.
We call it the Entersekt way. If these values resonate with you, let's talk about getting you in.
Growth and Success
Trust and Accountability
The pursuit of personal and professional growth forms an inherent part of our culture and drives our success.
Relentless Curiosity
Customer-focused excellence
Growth and success
We ask questions, out of curiosity, to identify customers’ pain points and solve them with innovative, sustainable solutions.
Relentless curiosity
We’re committed to delivering outstanding results, time and time again. We achieve this by working autonomously and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.
Our customers rely on our expertise and experience to build trust with their own customers. We innovate and iterate on their behalf while they focus on what they do best.
Trust and accountability
Customer-focused excellence
As a global business, we employ individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds from all corners of the world. Our culture is an inclusive one, where you'll be challenged, but not micromanaged. Stretched, but still supported with everything you need to make a real difference on the global fintech stage.

The Entersekt manifesto.

Flexible Work Hours
Yes, we flex where possible, but certain roles and situations may depend on time or location.
Flexible work hours
Results Based
While effort is generally a precursor to results, we do not measure how many hours you put in. Instead, we focus on getting the job done and achieving results.
Global Mindset
Because our employees are dispersed across the world, the way we work promotes diversity and inclusivity.
Global mindset
Great coffee
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate – you’re covered. What more do we need to say?
Top-notch barista
and brews
The human touch
Our people are the lifeblood of our business, so we value their wellbeing. It’s because they’re treated with care and consideration that our customers get the very best, too
The human touch
Employee support
The growth, health, and wellness of our employees are important to us. From paid study leave to employee assistance programs, we believe in the power of support.
Employee support
Remote working
Our hybrid remote work model offers employees flexibility to adapt their work cadence to their personal needs and circumstances.
Remote working

What you'll experience once you're in.

Our culture.
  • Our people
    Our strength lies in the diversity of our peoples’ expertise, personalities, and approaches. That is why we welcome strategic thinkers and innovative problem-solvers from around the world.  

  • How we work
    We embrace a positive, energizing work environment. Our teams work autonomously towards common goals, and individuals are trusted to deliver. We also share knowledge within our communities, industry, and among ourselves.

  • Pioneering spirit
    As digital innovators, we often encounter challenges. We approach this uncertainty with relentless curiosity and determination to find a solution. That way, what challenges us today will become the norm for our customers tomorrow.

  • The lives we touch
    We know that creating a secure, convenient, and inclusive digital world can’t be done alone. Entersekt invests and gives back to the digital community through our partners at the MiDO Foundation. Learn more at

  • Growth and development
    Fintech is fast-paced and ever-changing. To stay ahead of the curve, our people actively pursue growth, both internally and through formal training. At Entersekt, you take the lead in your growth and development, and we’ll support you all the way.

  • Industry leaders
    As experts in the field, it comes as no surprise that we'll stop at nothing to be the best in the business. Part of this involves a responsibility to our customers to remain fully compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Experience life at Entersekt.

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When you join Entersekt, you’ll be working with leading-edge tech and innovative problem-solvers who combine their skills and expertise in pursuit of a safer, more user-friendly digital world.

Founded over 11 years ago, with more recent investments from Accel-KKR, Entersekt has created a diverse product portfolio that positions the company well to execute on its expansion in North America and European markets.

If you’re ready for a rewarding new career challenge, explore these exciting opportunities currently on offer at Entersekt.
Entersekt creates an environment where you can continuously keep improving your skillset. It offers you the freedom to choose your career path, providing you with the development opportunities to do so.
Research and Development Team Lead
Erhard Brand
Team Lead: BI back-end
and data warehousing
Data-driven decisions are always accurate and can be trusted. At Entersekt, I truly appreciate the freedom we have to explore and leverage our technology in order to grow the business with the insights that data provides.
Rayno Matthee
It’s not just one of the greatest companies to work for professionally, but the amount of time and effort they’ve invested into my personal growth and development has been amazing!
IT Team Lead
Zukile Hlulani
Our tech stack.

As a developer, you'll be happy to know that we work with only the best combination of technologies that make up our tech stack.