Join our team of banking and payment authentication pioneers, and future-proof your career.

At Entersekt, we believe that every financial institution (FI) should be armed with the confidence to conquer the challenges of the digital world. And, for many years, we’ve been enabling just that, thanks to our talented employees around the world.
They know that their work and expertise matter, and that each contribution they make helps secure billions of digital banking transactions each year. Now, that’s something to be immensely proud of.

Our values define the way we work.

Our values guide the way we work – both collectively, and individually.
We work autonomously and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. This helps us build deep connections with each other, as well as our customers, which in turn builds trust. ​
By supporting choice and offering flexibility for our people, we embrace a culture of growth and success. ​
When we ask questions out of curiosity, we create new opportunities for all our people to learn and innovate.​
Our people's expertise and experiences inspire confidence in the solutions we offer. Our customers, in turn, can build trusted relationships with their own customers.

Why we do what we do.

We deliver products that seamlessly integrate across all channels and platforms.
We connect people to each other and our customers, building deep and trusting relationships.
We shield our customers from the threats of fraud, poor UX, and regulatory compliance.

Entersekt life: Our culture.

We are proud of the collective behaviors that make Entersekt a great place to work. These include:

  • Inclusion and diversity
    Our strength lies in the diversity of our peoples’ expertise, personalities, experiences, and approaches. Which is why we welcome strategic thinkers and innovative problem-solvers from all around the world.
  • Pioneering spirit
    As digital innovators, we often encounter unexpected new challenges. That’s okay. We approach this uncertainty with curiosity and determination to find a solution. That way, the challenges of today become the norm for our customers tomorrow.
  • Banishing burnout

    We believe in the power of a positive, energizing work environment. To achieve this, we equip our staff with the tools, programs, and support they need to stay strong, healthy, and happy – both mentally and physically.
  • Giving back

    We understand the importance of giving back, especially when it comes to technology, which is close to our heart. Entersekt regularly empowers underprivileged segments of our community through donations, educational initiatives, and community upliftment.
  • Growing and developing

    Fintech is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. To stay ahead of the curve, our people actively pursue growth, both internally and through formal training. At Entersekt, you take the lead in your growth and development, and we’ll support you all the way.
  • Celebrating teamwork

    As experts in the field, it comes as no surprise that we'll stop at nothing to be the best in the business. Part of that involves teaming up with other industry leaders at events and when customers need us most. And celebrating successes, of course.

Perks and benefits.

In addition to a great work culture, these are a couple of “real” perks we offer. As our company and the needs of our employees evolve, so too will our benefits. Our goal, however, will always be to enable our people to love what they do – in the way that they love.
As testament to our culture of diversity and inclusion, our employees are dispersed all across the globe. We also offer exciting work-abroad programs to those who tick the box!
Global exposure
The world has changed – and so have we. Our hybrid and remote work models offer employees the flexibility to adapt their work cadence to their personal circumstances and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Remote working
We maintain core working hours and offer employees the flexibility to choose how to structure the rest of their workday. (Unfortunately, certain roles may be exempt due to time or location constraints.)
Flexible work hours
Money. The deal-breaker. Be assured: We reward you handsomely for your efforts, and focus on output and results, rather than hours worked.
Financial reward
The development and well-being of our employees are a priority for us, and we believe in the power of support. From paid study leave to employee assistance programs, we’ll always have your back.
Health and wellness
Our people are the lifeblood of our business, so we look after them and give credit where credit is due. If they’re treated with the care and consideration they deserve, they’ll do the same for others – and our customers.
People recognition
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, anyone? Whether you’re visiting for a day or settling in for a while, you’ll have unlimited access to your favorite cuppa when you’re at an Entersekt office.
Top-notch barista and brews

See what our employees have to say.

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Have a look at our blog on Offerzen.

It’s not just one of the greatest companies to work for professionally, but the amount of time and effort they’ve invested into my personal growth and development has been amazing!
IT Team Lead
Zukile Hlulani
Team Lead: BI back-end and data warehousing
Data-driven decisions are always accurate and can be trusted. At Entersekt, I truly appreciate the freedom we have to explore and leverage our technology in order to grow the business with the insights that data provides.
Rayno Matthee
Entersekt creates an environment where you can continuously keep improving your skillset. It offers you the freedom to choose your career path, providing you with the development opportunities to do so.
Research and Development Team Lead
Erhard Brand

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When you join Entersekt, you’ll be working with leading-edge tech and innovative problem-solvers who combine their skills and expertise in pursuit of a safer, more user-friendly digital world.

Founded over 11 years ago, with more recent investments from Accel-KKR, Entersekt has created a diverse product portfolio that positions the company well to execute on its expansion in North America and European markets.

If you’re ready for a rewarding new career challenge, explore these exciting opportunities currently on offer at Entersekt.

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Our tech stack.

As a developer, you'll be happy to know that we work with only the best combination of technologies that make up our tech stack.