Entersekt’s consumer survey 2019: Mobile app-based banking and payments in the USA

Sherif Samy|30 April 2019
Entersekt’s consumer survey 2019: Mobile app-based banking and payments in the USA

This is an exciting time in mobile banking and payments. Entersekt believes that banks, and their customers, can have it all – convenience, control, and the benefits of continuous innovation. It just takes vision.

Surprisingly though, there has been a sustained slow-down in the uptake of mobile banking in the United States, which has not been seen in other wealthy countries.

Entersekt works with banks and other large enterprises to optimize mobile and other self-service channels for more rewarding interactions based on mutual trust, so the reasons behind this downturn are of great interest to us. That’s why we commissioned a consumer survey from The Harris Poll – to better understand Americans’ attitudes towards using mobile devices to bank and pay.

Our complimentary report of the survey findings contains some valuable insights into what regular users of banking apps find lacking in their banks’ current mobile offerings and would like to see in the future.

Download our report here to find out if active users could show the way forward when it comes to app-based banking and payments in the USA.

About the author

Sherif Samy

Sherif Samy

SVP North America

Sherif manages Entersekt’s North American business, where his experience in establishing brand presence and building strategic partnerships positions us well for growth. A perfect fit at Entersekt, he has long been focused on cyber security, digital Identity, and payments innovation in fintech.

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