Prevent financial fraud using unmatched security with great user experiences.

For the first time, financial institutions can offer their customers consistent, secure, and personalized authentication experiences.


Context Aware™ Authentication bridges the worlds of online payments and banking authentication from one secure platform.

Entersekt empowers financial institutions (FIs) to prevent financial fraud, continuously meet evolving regulations, and achieve that elusive balance between unmatched security and great user experience.

By combining an ecosystem of proprietary and third-party risk-based data solutions, we apply both silent and active authenticators to create the most secure and seamless user experience possible, across all digital and payment channels, including 3-D Secure transactions.

Ultimately, Context Aware™ Authentication provides a complete, context-rich picture of both the user and the interaction in real time and allows for a curated authentication journey for the customer. Reap the benefits of significantly reduced transaction abandonment rates, user frustration, and customer churn, and increased success across your business.


Customer-preferred authentication

Context Aware™ Authentication considers the originating channel, the transaction’s context, the available authentication mechanisms, as well as your customer’s choice to determine the most appropriate authentication journey, in real-time.

Cross-channel, context-based authentication

Financial institutions can deliver consistent, secure, and personalized authentication experience regardless of the channel on which they are engaging. Breaking down silos and applying multi-factor authentication (MFA) data across channels ensures the least possible friction in their ensuing interactions. A centralized cross-channel strategy also closes gaps left vulnerable to fraud attacks that are inevitable when authenticating in silos.

Modern, data-driven authentication

Thanks to its single API connection, Entersekt is the only authentication provider that unifies authentication across digital banking and 3-D Secure transactions. This ensures a faster time to market by removing the need to integrate multiple customer authentication providers, thus enabling vendor consolidation and a streamlined customer experience.


Replace the one-size-fits-all approach with personalized and secure customer authentication experiences.

When an attack is in progress, time is of the essence for your organization and your customer. Context Aware™ Authentication leverages real-time data: the moment high-risk or anomalous signals surface, they can be acted upon to challenge or decline a transaction. Without Context Aware™ Authentication, FIs risk alienating customers with inconsistent user experiences, fraught with excessive friction that disrupt their transaction journeys.
As fraudsters attempt to become more innovative in circumventing security measures, they launch multi-pronged, multi-channel attacks until they find the gap in coverage they need. While one channel might stop the attempt, an alternate channel may not. With cross-channel, Context Aware™ Authentication, risk data from any suspicious activity in one channel is shared with other channels to lock down these gaps.
Context Aware™ Authentication will transform the market due to its:

1. Potential to scale
2. Effective fraud prevention capacity
3. Ability to streamline customer experiences
Financial institutions have traditionally offered their customers a static authentication policy regardless of the level of risk associated with an interaction. In contrast, Context Aware™ Authentication draws from a multitude of inputs – data from prior interactions in all channels, risk data signals, and customer challenge preferences – to deliver personalized and secure customer experiences. It is an intelligent, comprehensive system that allows for cross-channel data sharing, continuous learning, and smart customer identification to ensure better authentication experiences and increased transaction success.

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