Future-proof your 3-D Secure solution, reduce fraud, and increase transaction success rates.

Next-gen EMV 3-D Secure ACS.

Entersekt is a leading provider of EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) solutions for issuers and processors. With the Entersekt Access Control Server (ACS), you can enable low-friction, risk-based 3-D Secure created by the leader and innovator of ground-breaking, secure, and customer-friendly transaction authentication solutions.

As a developer of over 120 patents for authentication and payment capabilities, Entersekt enables issuers to take control of their e-cardholder experience, providing orchestrated, customizable payment authentication for customers.

Highlights of Entersekt's EMV 3-D Secure solution.

Watch this video to see the EMV 3-D Secure user experience in action.

Overview of the Entersekt 3DS ACS.

Key features that put you in control of how you deploy your 3DS ACS and customize the rules and risk tolerance of your program.

Entersekt’s ACS includes an ACS Admin Console, a complete web-based management console that puts you in control.

Now, issuers and processors can self-manage most ACS functionality and behavior:

Authentication methods, keys, certificates.
Authentication dialogue pages.
Configure card ranges and issuers.
User access can be fully configured (read/write) on functionality and issuer level.
Language versions.
Our ACS is integrated with various risk-scoring services and can be integrated with most issuer-preferred services. Risk scores can easily be configured on the ACS Admin Console per card range.

Entersekt’s ACS comes with ready-made integrations to most existing authentication methods:

Authentication applications that support biometric authentication and passwordless options.
Behavioral biometrics, such as Mastercard NuDetect.
National authentication methods, such as MitID, Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID, and Finnish Trust Network.
SMS OTP and SMS OTP with password.
The Entersekt ACS is available in different licensing options: Entersekt-hosted, client-hosted, and on-premise.

Cloud-hosted (Entersekt or client) is the most frequently selected option to ensure a competitive, agile, scalable long-term strategy. Furthermore, it enables faster onboarding and provides all our ready-made integrations.

Other key advantages include:
Rapid adaptation to market changes, new regulatory mandates, and new fraud vectors.
Ease of implementing changes to risk-score decisioning and cardholder journeys.
Reduced cost, effort, and liability to maintain compliance, security, and enhancement updates.
Ease of integration through a single API that connects the ACS to a bank’s CMS and IAM.

A 3DS ACS built for issuing processors.

Entersekt’s 3DS ACS is designed to serve multiple issuers. Issuers and card ranges can be configured for optimum cardholder experience. Authentication methods, authentication dialogues, language versions, and risk rules, among others, can be configured on a card range level for each Issuer.

The 3DS ACS Admin Console includes strong access control to limit or enable visibility per issuer and functionality. When needed, a processor’s issuer customer can independently configure their 3-D Secure service.

The Entersekt difference: Multi-channel, Context Aware Authentication.

Entersekt’s EMV 3-D Secure is a component of our Context Aware Authentication solution. We are the only authentication provider for financial institutions that supports a unified customer authentication experience across banking and payment channels. Managing authentication across channels closes gaps that could lead to fraud, and enables consistent, personalized customer experiences.

Entersekt’s Context Aware Authentication analyzes hundreds of real-time data points and risk rules for behavioral, contextual, and cross-channel interactions. In an instant, the Entersekt Authentication Policy Advisor assesses risk and optimizes the customer experience, delivering “intelligent friction,” which removes friction from low-risk transactions and challenges only those with higher risk indicators.

Why choose Entersekt’s EMV 3-D Secure ACS?

Secure, compliant, and certified.
Our 3-D Secure ACS ensures card brand and regulatory compliance, adhering to the industry requirements for 3-D Secure and card networks’ third-party provider (TPP) standards. And with Entersekt hosting,
you can leave the maintenance of the security-certified environment to us.

Entersekt’s 3-D Secure ACS is certified by the following brands and standards:

PCI DSS, PCI 3DS, PSD2 Secure Customer Authentication (SCA), FIDO EMVCo 2.2 certified, Mastercard 2.2, Visa 2.2, Amex 2.2, Discover 2.2 ISO 27001, SSAE 18 Type 2.

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