Modern payment authentication for next-gen fraud:
EMV 3-D Secure solutions.

Global leader in EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) certified solutions for end-to-end transaction authentication across all three domains.
3DS ACS for issuers and issuing processors.
Entersekt’s 3DS ACS has been in production for over 20 years. It is a result of authentication experts continuously innovating to stay ahead of fraudsters while delivering the best customer experience. Pre-configured integrations to best-of-breed risk engines and numerous options for the most advanced authentication methods streamline the implementation of Entersekt’s ACS and ensure reduced fraud, increased transaction success, and optimal customer experience. Ask us how.

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3DS Directory Server for card payment schemes.
Entersekt's 3DS Directory Server is used by global and national card payment schemes to enable certified 3DS authentication in their markets. It can support multiple card payment schemes on one directory server, and can be configured to support each payment scheme’s program rules and requirements.

Entersekt’s 3DS Directory Server is a flexible and scalable solution for card schemes that support merchants and issuers to prevent payment fraud around the world.

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3DS Server for PSPs, acquirers, and merchants.
Entersekt's 3DS Server/Merchant Plug-in empowers merchants and those who support their card payment processing to share extensive transaction data, enabling them to make smarter decisions that prevent fraud, improve customer experience, and ensure high transaction success rates.

As more consumers are touched by fraud, their appreciation of fraud prevention measures increases. The improvements made in Entersekt’s EMV 3-D Secure Server include advancements in authentication options and the application of innovations in risk-based data to reduce authentication friction, increase transaction completion, and yield an overall improved customer experience.

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3DS SDK for merchants apps
For merchants offering their customers a mobile app, the 3DS SDK facilitates easy integration to the capabilities supported by the Entersekt 3DS Server. Available for apps on iOS and Android platforms, this feature allows merchants to secure in-app payment transactions, optimized for preferred customer experiences.

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Entersekt's EMV 3-D Secure solutions are certified by EMVCo and all major card brands.
Entersekt's hosting facilities are compliant with PCI 3DS and PCI DSS standards and are audited for renewed certification, annually.

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