Protecting your customers’ accounts shouldn’t mean added effort for them. With Entersekt's advanced multi-factor authentication, you can still keep fraudsters out while providing them with secure, easy access.

Frustrated customers aren't customers for long.

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Use Cases - Secure login

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Whenever your customers log in to their user accounts, there’s an underlying risk. Is the person logging in who they say they are? Or are bad actors trying their luck to gain access?

Secure login prevents unauthorized access and online fraud by validating a user’s identity when it matters most: right at the start.

Continue reading to learn how Entersekt's approach ensures a safe and enhanced login experience across all your digital channels.
Why use secure login?
Entersekt's approach to secure login
Entersekt offers strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) that meets regulations, enhances the customer experience, and increases engagement across your digital channels.

Our products support several use cases, with or without a mobile app, to cater to your secure login requirements. These include mobile app push notifications, push USSD, and biometric authentication enabled by FIDO.

Our approach to secure login.

Entersekt MNO authentication
Eliminate the risk of SIM-based fraud and
attacks with an inclusive solution, compatible with any mobile device.
Explore our products that enable secure login.
Entersekt browser authentication
Entersekt mobile authentication
Futureproof your browser channel and enable more secure, versatile user experiences.
Protect your customers from digital fraud and identity theft by securing your mobile app.
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Case studies.
A world-first deployment by Entersekt and Netcetera! When PLUSCARD realized that several of their customers were not using a mobile device for authentication...
PLUSCARD authenticates payments with FIDO
Read how South African retail bank, African Bank, used Entersekt’s GSM authentication solution to simplify their call center verification process and save time for their customers and call center staff...
African Bank chooses GSM authentication to simplify call center verification
South African retail bank Capitec has experienced extraordinary growth since it was founded in 2001. Competing with long established heavyweights...
Capitec Bank boosts card use and checkout rates with a streamlined 3-D Secure experience
Nedbank, one of the largest banks in South Africa with a steadily growing presence in the rest of Africa, wanted to expand its digital banking offering while reducing the risks posed by phishing...
Nedbank and Entersekt: Mobile authentication as a springboard for innovation

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