Avoid device drift and minimize collision. Browser Authentication enables institutions to identify and protect their customers while delivering enhanced user experiences.

Futureproof your browser channel and enable more secure, versatile user experiences.

Mobile Authentication

Browser Authentication

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Offer a world-class user experience
Enable silent browser attestation or active biometric authentication on all major browsers to ensure a smooth user experience.

Combine the silent and active modes of Browser Authentication to ensure virtually unlimited persistence of a unique browser identity.

Pave the way for seamless multi-factor authentication on your browser channel.
Avoid reliance on device fingerprinting and cookies
Minimize the impact of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) decision to disable device fingerprinting soon due to privacy concerns.

Bypass cookies, which are increasingly being blocked – either manually by consumers or automatically by systems.

Provide consistency into the future with a solution built on new industry standards that are unaffected by these challenges.

A hardened, more secure, and versatile browser channel

Transform your customers’ browser instances into strong possession factors by cryptographically proving possession of a specific browser on a specific domain.

Digitally sign data from the customer’s browser, proving origin, integrity, and consent.

Our use of industry standards and cryptography enables multiple use cases, ranging from secure login to payment authentication.

Outcomes for your business.

What the experts say.

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In the same study, 78% of participants indicated that being protected from browser fingerprinting is important to them.
In a recent long-term German study, researchers found that the average device fingerprint persisted for approximately 11 weeks.
86% of consumers are interested in using biometrics to verify their identity or to make payments.
A recent US consumer survey revealed that more than 40% of consumers immediately block cookie consent when visiting a webpage.
The world’s first payment use case using FIDO and 3D Secure*
*PlusCard launched a world-first payment use case using FIDO and 3D Secure, enabled by Entersekt and a key partner.
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