A single authentication platform for all your channels.

Entersekt enables financial institutions to maximize security and minimize friction by leveraging best-in-class customer authentication technologies across all digital banking and engagement channels.

Authentication products in our stable:
MNO, Browser, Mobile and Biometric.

Entersekt Authentication

Banks and credit unions hold the livelihoods of their customers in their hands. There is no higher priority than protecting those livelihoods. A modern, customer-friendly authentication strategy is essential to staying a step ahead of fraudsters in keeping customers’ money safe.

Entersekt’s proprietary Context AwareTM Authentication solution uses risk-based authentication data, a customer’s cross-channel interactions, and personalized authentication preferences to minimize friction, prevent fraud and deliver the best customer experience.

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Is your authentication strategy as modern as fraudsters’ invasion strategies?

Highlights of authentication features.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) that includes active and silent authenticators.
Active authenticators: Challenges with or without an app.
Silent authenticators: Security without friction.
Advanced device signals indicating authenticity or anomalies.
Real-time risk scoring using multiple global databases.
Biometric authentication.

Solutions that ensure secure, consistent cross-channel user journeys.

Protect your customers from digital fraud and identity theft by including authentication for account login and high-risk transactions in your mobile app (or ours).
Futureproof your browser channel and enable more secure, consistent user experiences without adding layers of friction.
Replace vulnerable passwords and one-time PIN codes (OTPs) with a more secure, user-friendly authentication alternative, suitable for all digital platforms.
Eliminate the risk of SIM-based fraud and
attacks with an inclusive solution, compatible with any mobile device (South Africa only).