Compliance made easy for PSD2, FIDO, 3-D Secure and more.
Digital banking security coupled with great experiences shouldn’t mean compliance headaches for you. Entersekt’s several forms of advanced multi-factor authentication mean you can keep your customers safe and happy, while still meeting regulatory compliance at a regional and global level.

Use cases - Compliance

Why compliance matters.

One inescapable commonality unites banks, card issuers, credit unions, and merchant alike: a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, heavily laden with changing requirements.

These include PSD2 compliance and strong customer authentication (SCA) in Europe, keeping up with global FIDO standards, complying with GDPR, and ensuring your 3-D Secure ACS is always up to date.

Miss a date or deliverable, and it’s hard to come back from the negative consequence of non-compliance – not to mention penalties. Luckily, with Entersekt, non-compliance is out.

We take care of compliance so that you don’t have to.

Entersekt offers world-class customer and payment authentication solutions that are well known for removing fraud and friction across digital, payment, and data channels. While this certainly ensures robust security and great user experience, we understand that certain compliance boxes must also always be checked.

That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure that all our products, solutions, and certifications remain up-to-date and fully compliant with both regional and global regulatory requirements.
Explore our products that enable compliance.
Protect your customers from digital fraud and identity theft in a compliant and user-friendly way using true out-of-band multi-factor authentication (MFA).
Mobile Authentication
Keep up with globally recognized FIDO2 standards when you replace passwords and one-time PIN codes (OTPs) with biometric authentication.
Biometric Authentication
Reduce friction at checkout with a flexible and compliant 3-D Secure access control server (ACS) that uses smart, flexible step-up authentication technology.
3D Secure
Case studies.
Swisscard logo
Swisscard AECS case study
FirstBank logo
The only company in Switzerland to offer American Express, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards from a single source...
FirstBank of Colorado
FirstBank, the third-largest privately held bank in the USA, wanted to secure its mobile banking app in the most user-friendly way possible...
PlusCard logo
PLUSCARD authenticates payments with FIDO
A world-first deployment by Entersekt and Netcetera! When PLUSCARD realized that several of their customers were not using a mobile device for authentication...

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