One cross-channel platform for secure, frictionless authentication

Protecting your customers’ accounts shouldn’t mean added effort for them. Offer secure, easy access through multi-factor authentication that suits their needs.

Account takeover & fraud prevention for Q2

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Futureproof fraud prevention.

As banking technology advances, so do fraudsters' attacks. FIs cannot risk letting their fraud prevention solutions become dated and ineffectual. Entersekt offers cutting-edge authentication solutions, which include:

How we do it:​

Secure account access​
Authenticate customers’ digital banking access and login via your own mobile app (with SDK).
Trusted devices​
Offer better experiences by transforming personal devices into compliant possession factors.​
P2P payment security​
OTPs aren’t strong enough to defend against the risks associated with P2P payments.​
Passkeys and biometrics​
Authenticate with MFA Passkey / FIDO allowing for app-less biometric and/or hardware authentication.​
Suspicious transactions​
Authenticate suspicious transactions identified by risk signals with proof for FIs to protect against chargeback issues.​
High-risk transaction auth
Utilize our identifiers, risk-based authentication and risk signals to ensure high security with lowest friction.​

Additional resources:

Learn more about the benefits of modern authentication and how to get started with these additional resources.

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Customer testimonials:

As fraud attacks on financial institutions continue to evolve, Indiana Members Credit Union is committed to providing the best protection available to our members, while ensuring a great user experience. Providing more advanced login and authentication capabilities right through our mobile banking application will not only protect against account takeover fraud, but we can also reduce call center volumes tied to password resets and high-risk transactions like ACH or wire payments.
Scott Mann
Chief Retail Officer
Indiana Members Credit Union
Doug V Almeida
VP of Digital Banking​
Chartway credit union

Catch our webinar with FFIN guest, Maggie Tuschinski, discussing the Entersekt solution, and what it means for their customers, along with Greg Varnell, Vice President for Product & Development at Q2 Innovation Studio​

Maggie Tuschinski​
Executive Vice President,
Chief Digital Officer​

The risk of inaction:

Technology is changing the user experience, but also the resources available to fraudsters. The risks associated with outdated fraud prevention tools grow every day.

Poor user experience

Inconsistent authentication experiences cause customer frustration and increased abandonment rates.

Fraud attacks

The inability to protect against the inevitable: ATO, SIM-swap fraud, authorized push payment fraud and social engineering.

High operational cost

High call center costs. High effort and cost to maintain multiple vendors. Fraud losses.

Customer attrition

Reduced deposits and higher customer attrition due to lack of trust in a system that does not offer sufficient protection.

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