A single secure authentication platform to combat fraud and friction

When institutions choose Entersekt, they’re getting all the benefits of a single, state-of-the-art platform built on market-leading risk intelligence.

From this foundational layer of security, they are free to orchestrate superior, frictionless user experiences with smart step-up authentication based on the context of their customers' connections.

Our Technology

No more authentication complication.

With more control, and a single integration, you can create seamless, secure user experiences across all your digital channels.
See some of the benefits:
Fast deployment and
time to market.
Quickly launch new and improved experiences for your customers, thanks to our simplified integration model.
With the world’s top banks and financial institutions trusted to our care, we stay on top of evolving regulations such as PSD2 and GDPR so that you don’t have to.
cryptographic security.
Ensure every single interaction with your customers is recorded, digitally signed, and tamper-proof.
Effortless multi-factor
Designed with the passwordless future in mind, our technology enables institutions to leverage biometrics and create frictionless multi-factor authentication (MFA) experiences.

Industry-leading innovation.

Context Aware™ Authentication
Entersekt is committed to developing cutting-edge fintech solutions that solve real-world industry problems. We hold over 30 technology patents across the globe, from significant international patents such as Interactive Transaction Authentication, ECERT, and Multi-app, Multi-Factor Authentication, to essential local patents such as USSD Authentication.

What this means for our customers is trusted access to the very latest technology, built by industry innovators, to help them reach their goals. Explore all our technology patents in the World International Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent list.
Combines an ecosystem of third parties and both active and silent authenticators to create the most secure and seamless user experience possible. Context Aware™ Authentication takes into consideration:

- The customer’s channel
- The use case (for example, banking login)
- What the customer has available to authenticate their interactions
- The customer’s preferred method of authentication
- The customer’s usual behavior to assess risk

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