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Our technology.

The Entersekt Secure Platform provides a foundational layer of trust
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Entersekt’s multi-patented technology reconciles security and regulatory compliance on the one hand with fintechs’ creativity and agility on the other.


Entersekt Secure platform


A platform and a promise.

Entersekt partners with banks and other large enterprises to fast-track their digital enablement journeys, helping them reach and acquire customers, launch innovative new services, and multiply revenue streams while meeting their compliance obligations with confidence. Everything we build is aimed at stripping away unnecessary complexity and friction on their behalf, allowing them – and you – to compete with agility in a race where all bets are off.

It all starts with the Entersekt Secure Platform. Hosted behind your firewall, the ESP provides a single highly-secure environment for rapid deployment and seamless integration of all the latest Entersekt services. Using the latest clustering technology to ensure high availability, this is the bedrock of trust underpinning our promise to organizations like yours.


Identify your customer

  • Customer registration

Reach out to them

  • Customer authentication

Help them get more done

  • 3-D Secure
  • QR payments


Entersekt Secure platform enablement

Entersekt’s customers have repeatedly described how the assurance our technology provides drives adoption, boosts the number of customer engagements, and increases the value of the transactions they make. There is a proven positive impact on loyalty even as our solutions drive down costs. 

Our feature suites

With the ESP installed, select from our prepackaged solutions addressing the more common industry challenges and opportunities. 

Alternatively, craft your own digital experiences from stand-alone features and an array of best-in-class third-party plug-ins. The modular nature of our system provides maximal flexibility and control.

The feature suites at your disposal are as follows:

State-of-the-art digital security and authentication services

This suite enables you to cryptographically bind your customers’ digital identities to unique instances of your mobile app or their web browser, creating a strong device token that can be used to secure online banking, mobile banking, ATMs and kiosks, call centers, and staff portals.

Digital payments enablement

Mobile wallets, QR payments, EMV 3-D Secure – the number of competing payments technologies and services grows daily. Acting as an interface to the disparate systems that enable these capabilities, this digital payments enablement suite abstracts the complexity and volatility of this burgeoning ecosystem, so you stay ahead of the game.

Non-app–based authentication

Not everyone has a smart phone. Others don’t use your app. Using non-app-based authentication, however, your customers can authenticate sensitive transactions in real time using any mobile device. It’s based on network-initiated USSD, so all you need to protect their accounts is their mobile number.

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Entersekt is an innovator of customer-centric fintech solutions. Financial services providers and other enterprises rely on our patented mobile identity system to provide both security and the best in convenient new digital experiences to their customers, irrespective of the service channel. With us, they can concentrate on their innovation roadmap, while delivering intuitive, low-friction digital experiences to their customers.