Be PSD2 compliant.

Meet requirements for strong customer authentication with solutions already used widely in Europe.

Can you transform a set of mandatory security standards into a competitive advantage? With the right partners, you can.

The Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) is more than a complex compliance project; it portends years of dynamic, highly disruptive market change. Entersekt’s patented security product, Transakt, provides a painless path to PSD2-compliant strong customer authentication, but it delivers a lot else.

We have plotted a clear path forward for our customers, not only to compliance, but to broader business success. Our map through the maze represented by PSD2 consists of the following three steps.

The European Banking Authority’s regulatory technical standards on strong customer authentication and common and secure communication define the enhanced security and authentication requirements to which all involved parties must conform. Independent analysts like the Payments Advisory Group and Bonn-based Security Research & Consulting have confirmed that Entersekt’s patented strong customer authentication solution meets all relevant articles in the RTS.

  • Use push-based, phone-as-a-token multi-factor authentication to secure access to payment accounts, transactions, or exchange of any other sensitive data
  • Register your customer’s mobile devices only after pseudonymous digital certificates have been deployed to their mobile devices, so that only your organization is party to their identity
  • Protect the confidentiality and integrity of user’s personal security credentials and ensure that only you and your customer know the details of the authentication request
  • Digitally sign every authentication request and response for nonrepudiation and generate audit trails to help settle multi-stakeholder disputes
  • Prove compliance quickly and decisively with technology that not only conforms to all major digital security regimes but is already used widely by banks and payment providers across Europe

A truly customer-centric authentication solution to PSD2 empowers your customers to transact anywhere, anytime, enhancing your trust relationship with each new interaction.

  • Aim for a converged authentication solution spanning multiple use cases and providing a consistent experience across all channels, while saving on operational costs
  • Push authentication requests to your customers’ mobile devices automatically and allow them to respond by simply tapping Accept or Reject
  • Boost customer confidence and adoption with a low-friction, predictable means of approving payments and third-party access to accounts in real time
  • Meet your consumer demand for on-the-go convenience using a solution built with mobile enablement top of mind

PSD2 is no bolt from the blue. It’s simply another step in the escalating evolution of payments – and not the last one you’ll experience either. We are seeing a systemic response to new technology, the enabling nature of the Internet and mobile phone. Choose a digital security partner that has a global outlook, mature products, and a roadmap that anticipates years of rapid change.

  • Prioritize flexibility with a platform that covers the full authentication life cycle (roll-out, maintenance, recovery, off-boarding, and more)
  • Avoid stopgap solutions at odds with international trends, out of step with adjacent regulatory frameworks like GDPR or likely to fall foul of PSD3 in just five years’ time
  • Steer clear of one-time passwords, which are technically obsolete and deprecated by regulators in a fast-growing list of cases
  • Establish a secure channel to the customer, so you can add innovative new digital services and retain existing customers and attract new ones
  • Position yourself as the trusted keeper of your customers’ digital assets and change your strategic position relative to third-party payment service providers

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