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3-D Secure.

Secure, seamless card-not-present payments

Eliminate card-not-present fraud with the best 3-D Secure payment experience money can buy

Entersekt 3-D Secure Solution

Whether your financial institution used 3-D Secure in the past or not, a brand-new specification from EMVCo and looming liability shifts mean your card division is likely to be evaluating different providers’ access control servers and the impact they may have – positive or negative – on transaction success rates and fraud.

Complicating their task is the fact that 3-D Secure 1 and 2 (the latter officially named “EMV 3-D Secure”) will be used in parallel for a few years. During this time – and depending on where they shop – cardholders could encounter both, confusing or alarming them and driving up cart abandonment just when the industry hoped the trend was downwards.

More than a 3-D Secure compliance checkbox

Entersekt has deep understanding of the 3-D Secure protocol and its continuing evolution. Our mobile-optimized 3-D Secure 1 solution was among the very first to be accredited by all the major payments networks, and the unique one-touch authentication experience it provides has boosted transaction success rates wherever it is deployed.

Our EMV 3-D Secure access control server has reached the market early too. It capitalizes on EMV 3-D Secure’s improvements, side-steps any of its limitations and, as a bonus, comes bundled with a set of APIs enabling a large and growing number of in-app payments services.

Arguably its greatest strength, EMV 3-D Secure serves significantly more contextual data to issuers’ risk engines, helping drive down the percentage of transactions requiring step-up authentication to single figures. In cases where involving the customer is unavoidable, our solution makes several strong customer authentication options available to support both in-app and app-free use cases.

In fact, it’s in these moments that Entersekt’s unique approach shines through. Having mastered a low-friction, app-based approach for 3-D Secure 1 already, we can set your customers at ease with the same step-up experience whatever the 3-D Secure version in play.

How our 3-D Secure solution benefits you

Entersekt 3-D Secure Solution benefits

In addition to driving down card-not-present fraud, our 3-D Secure solution is proven to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase card usage, and improve cardholder retention. Benefits include:

Highly flexible deployment
  • Cost-effective, future-proof model for on-site and hosted deployments
  • Rolls out quickly and helps expedite certification
  • Multiple risk-based and step-up authentication options
  • Pluggable framework for third-party risk engines
  • Compliant with all relevant regulations worldwide, including PSD2
3-D Secure Solution
Consistent, low-friction user experience
  • Far fewer step-up authentications for a much-streamlined checkout experience and improved transaction success
  • Step-up looks and feels the same for both versions of 3-D Secure
  • Preferred step-up processes can be applied to other channels for a consistent experience across all your digital services 

Make the most of 3-D Secure. Download our 3-D Secure solution sheet for more information, or contact us to book a 3-D Secure demo today!

3-D Secure
Download: solution sheet

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