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Customer authentication.

Empower your customers by putting them in control of their digital assets

Cross-channel customer journeys call for an omnichannel customer authentication solution

Entersekt Customer Authentication solution

Step-up authentication is often experienced by your customers as an unwelcome impediment, especially if it takes more than a couple of seconds. It also varies so much between service channels: biometrics to access your app versus static login credentials for your banking portal or challenge questions to initiate a call center interaction.

That inconsistency, which stems from the lack of an integrated solution, not only detracts from your customers’ overall experience of doing business with you but frustrates efforts by your digital teams to design the seamless cross-channel customer journeys – so-called hybrid experiences – the industry is now focused on delivering.

Offer your customers the best cross-channel digital experiences while protecting them with a proven solution

In-app Customer Authentication solution
In-app authentication

By deploying our patented technology to your customers’ mobile devices, you can uniquely identify each of them and communicate with them directly over a mutually validated, end-to-end encrypted channel, wherever they happen to be. In the process, your banking app is transformed into a one-touch step-up authentication tool, already used every day by millions of people engaged in digital banking, online shopping, call center interactions, and more.

FIDO authentication

Passwords are clumsy, hard to remember and must be changed often. They’re also easily compromised, with up to 15 billion currently in circulation. For institutions that want to provide their clients with a frictionless, more secure and globally recognized standard of passwordless authentication that’s easy to integrate, Entersekt recommends FIDO passwordless authentication. By combining the use of either roaming or platform authenticators with Entersekt’s FIDO2-certified server, your customers can securely and easily authenticate themselves online – without the need for a password or dedicated mobile app. 

Browser authentication

Entersekt’s web security solution combines digital certificate technology, device fingerprinting, and web-based cryptographic binding technology to create a unique browser identity that you can trust. It’s the best of both worlds: a highly secure and scalable certificate-based browser identifier enabling passwordless login and an intuitive orchestration layer to detect threats and step up when needed.

Other App-free alternatives

What if your customer doesn’t use your app or has lost their phone? Our authentication solution provides capabilities that don’t rely on an app or even a mobile phone, and includes SMS one-time passwords, out-of-band voice calls and network-initiated USSD.

How our customer authentication solution benefits you 

When your customers feel empowered by simple, no-fuss step-up authentication measures, they feel safer, transact more, and opt into a greater number of digital services. That adds up to higher revenue. Other benefits include:

  • Secures access to all digital channels and any sensitive transactions initiated through them
  • Keeps friction to an absolute minimum by analyzing risk and applying the appropriate authentication method when it really matters
  • Includes a one-touch in-app authentication experience with seamless transaction signing for sensitive transactions
  • Enables passwordless login on all browsers
  • Eliminates phishing and similar attacks targeting your customers, agents, or employees
  • Meets all relevant regulations globally

Want omnichannel customer authentication that drives engagement, enables cross-channel innovation, and reduces the costs associated with fraud across multiple channels? Contact us to book a demo today!

Customer authentication solution sheet

Download: solution sheet

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Entersekt is an innovator of customer-centric fintech solutions. Financial services providers and other enterprises rely on our patented mobile identity system to provide both security and the best in convenient new digital experiences to their customers, irrespective of the service channel. With us, they can concentrate on their innovation roadmap, while delivering intuitive, low-friction digital experiences to their customers.