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Snippet: Protecting customer accounts is a top priority for financial institutions, especially in light of the security risks attendant on online and mobile banking.

Protect your business banking customers’ accounts and meet emerging regulatory requirements at home and abroad.

Protecting customer accounts, both consumer and business, is a top priority for financial institutions everywhere, especially in light of the security risks attendant on online and mobile banking. The global nature of today’s financial world has also led many banks to offer international banking services to multinational corporations and consumers, which has complicated their ability to provide security. As a result, many financial institutions, and even governments, are turning to transaction signing as a powerful, advanced means of boosting security. ​

This white paper outlines:

  • The fight against online and mobile banking fraud
  • Why one-time passwords are declining in popularity
  • Understanding international standards, such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and why they matter to US banks
  • How banks can comply with the new regulations and help secure customer accounts
The importance of transaction signing to banks

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