Digital signing

Digital signing for regulatory compliance and dispute resolution.

Governments and regulators have embraced digital signing in several international jurisdictions. Where they haven’t, they will.

The technology helps prove beyond doubt the validity of remote banking authentication responses, and is increasingly mandated when large amounts of money or other high-risk interactions are at stake.

Entersekt provides a proven transaction signing solution designed to help financial services companies meet their compliance obligations, now and in the future, at home and abroad.

Based on a public-key infrastructure, our digital solution verifies the authenticity of any given digital transaction – that it was initiated by your customer – and its integrity – that it has not been intercepted and modified by a third party in a man-in-the-middle or similar attack.

All required details – the particulars of the transaction, the response, and the signing device – are packaged in an encrypted message free of personally identifiable information. These details are built into the very fabric of the response. Any alteration of the message breaks the signature and voids the authentication, supporting nonrepudiation.

Digital signing

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Exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements anywhere in the world

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Meet the challenge of PSD2 and GDPR

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Resolve disputes quickly with incontrovertible proof of the validity and origin of signed transactions, authorizations, and mandates

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Bring your own certificates for signing and verification purposes

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Enable on-the-go corporate banking with a one-touch mobile experience

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Keep your corporate and retail customers’ accounts in safe hands: yours

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