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Customer registration.

Streamlined remote enrollment and card provisioning


To remain front of mind and top of wallet requires a new approach to customer registration

Entersekt Customer Registration

You only get one chance at making a good first impression, and with so many new competitors vying for your customers’ money, it’s more important than ever that you get it right. Your status as primary account provider may not be up for grabs, but digital disruptors hope to entice your account holders into more lucrative financial services featuring sleek new experiences, including near-effortless sign-up. 

This is why digital customer registration has become such a priority for banks everywhere. Your regulatory obligations aren’t going away but enrolling your customers into new digital products and services cannot any longer involve complicated forms and frustrating delays, much less a trip to a physical branch for identity proofing. Not if you want to protect your sources of revenue and expand them in future.

Easy sign-up and immediate access

Entersekt offers a streamlined digital customer registration solution to securely enroll your customers into your mobile app, no matter where they are. Using one or a combination of mechanisms, including QR-based sign-up codes, payment card scan or tap with secure PIN entry, third-party attestation and mobile network verification, your customer can immediately access the full suite of services available through your app.

The solution also allows for automatic card provisioning, so that your customer can start making mobile payments straight away, without engaging your call center or branch staff later. 

Bundling registration and provisioning in this way increases chances of your card being used for digital payments, including from third-party wallets.

How our customer registration solution benefits you

Entersekt Customer Registration solution

Proven, flexible and easily integrated into your current system, our solution provides the following benefits and more:

  • Faster, simpler mobile app registration for increased adoption and customer satisfaction
  • Boosts transaction rates and use of additional services
  • Automatic card provisioning for improved top-of-wallet status
  • High level of assurance from a market-leading mobile identity provider
  • Reduced call center costs without impacting fraud prevention

Looking to win hearts and ROI with a convenient remote customer registration solution? Contact us to book a demo today!

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