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Entersekt launches the first mobile application authentication solution through the Q2 Innovation Studio

Entersekt is one of the first partners leveraging the Mobile SDK in the Q2 Mobility App, fully integrating the most secure in-app multi-factor authentication features within the Q2 Digital Banking Platform

Entersekt has announced that fully integrated mobile application authentication with biometrics is now available for financial institutions (FIs) using the Q2 Digital Banking Platform. Entersekt has previously enabled bank and credit union customers to instantly offer client login and transaction authentication with biometrics within a browser; this latest release is also built right into their mobile banking platform, providing advanced authentication with a consistent user experience across multiple banking channels.

FIs can protect against evolving account takeover fraud, ACH and wire fraud, device takeover fraud, and more, while dramatically reducing call center call volumes, all through pre-built integration within the Q2 Mobility App. There’s no need for users to download a separate app. The pre-integration allows for instant deployment to an FI’s mobile banking app, simple configuration, and accelerated time to value.

“Passwords, one-time passcodes, knowledge-based techniques, and third-party authenticators provide a high-friction user experience and expose banks and individuals to numerous account takeover, device takeover, and payment fraud threats,” says Mzukisi Rusi, VP Product: Identity and Authentication at Entersekt. “We worked closely with Q2’s SDK team to leverage their mobile SDK and provide a seamless user experience, streamlined implementation process, and next-generation fraud protection.”

Entersekt’s authentication solutions provide a secure, seamless customer experience. Q2 bank and credit union clients can now enjoy turn-key access to industry-leading authentication built into their digital banking platforms across retail, commercial and small business customers, protecting customer logins and high-risk transactions from fraud, while helping reduce costs associated with call center operations.

Leveraging the mobile SDK, FIs can quickly and easily offer Entersekt’s authentication suite to their customers and see the following benefits:

  • Prevent account takeover fraud attacks such as phishing, man-in-the-middle, SIM-swap, and vishing schemes.
  • Protect high-risk transactions such as setting up auto bill pay, account profile edits, and adding digital payment types like Apple Pay, with push notification authentication options within the mobile banking app.
  • Streamline and secure manual password reset requests to the call center with self-service biometric authentication.
  • Reduce or eliminate call center callback verification for ACH and wire payments.
  • Avoid third-party one-time passcodes for debit card e-commerce payments and provide a simple, trusted user experience within the mobile banking app.
  • Register and identify clients’ trusted devices, creating a secure environment that enables user choice and provides endpoint security for digital transactions.

“As fraud attacks on financial institutions continue to evolve, Indiana Members Credit Union is committed to providing the best protection available to our members, while ensuring a great user experience,” says Scott Mann, Chief Retail Officer at Indiana Members Credit Union. “Providing more advanced login and authentication capabilities right through our mobile banking application will not only protect against account takeover fraud, but we can also reduce call center volumes tied to password resets and high-risk transactions like ACH or wire payments.”

“The Q2 Innovation Studio partner program helps to accelerate bringing powerful, complimentary solutions to the Q2 customer base,” adds Johnny Ola, Managing Director of Q2 Innovation Studio at Q2. “The collaboration between Entersekt and Q2 on the mobile SDK and in the development of the Mobile Application Authentication solution has resulted in a valuable offering to our customers.”

Entersekt authentication leverages several patented technologies, as well as industry standards such as FIDO Authentication, to modernize FIs’ authentication capabilities and future-proof their fraud protection efforts while ensuring a positive user experience and acceptable levels of friction.

Entersekt is a Q2 Innovation Studio partner, and Entersekt authentication for the Q2 Digital Banking Platform can be found on the Q2 Marketplace.