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QR payments.

One banking app integration for all QR-based acceptance brands
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Allow your customers to quickly, easily, and safely make QR payments from directly within your banking app


Although the QR code has been in existence for over two decades, its use in the payments space has only recently re-gained momentum – and only in certain markets.

As a result, the QR payments industry is largely fragmented, with multiple networks and standards competing for market share. There is a clear need to provide consumers with a significantly more predictable, one-stop QR payment acceptance service that:

  • Accepts all QR-based brands
  • Requires no enrollment
  • Consolidates and improves the QR payment experience
  • Makes your app the obvious, trusted choice
  • Will never fail a payment because of an expired card

Built-in QR code acceptance with instant issuance

Entersekt offers a solution that enables your customers to make QR payments directly from your banking app. Once integrated into your back-end infrastructure through Entersekt’s API, the functionality becomes immediately accessible through a simple app update.

The service requires no additional downloads or registrations from customers. Being in-app, it also negates the need for manual loading and maintaining of bank cards in multiple third-party QR provider payment apps or wallets.

Entersekt’s QR payments solution also makes provision for instant card issuance. It conveniently allows customers to pay with newly acquired bank cards that are active but not yet physically issued, wherever QR payments are accepted. 

How our QR payments solution benefits you

Entersekt’s QR payments service provides a secure, convenient, in-app alternative to carrying cash or juggling multiple apps, with the following benefits for them – and for your business:

Entersekt QR Payments Solution
Superior user experience
  • Comprises user-friendly back-end institution APIs and mobile libraries
  • Easy to install, upgrade, and maintain
  • No registration, third-party app downloads, or wallets to manage
Entersekt Robust Security
Robust security
Entersekt QR Payments Solution
Seamless innovation
  • Supports Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Accommodates Masterpass app-to-app payments for merchants
  • Makes provision for instant card issuance

Cash in on all scan-to-pay transactions. Download our QR payments solution sheet for more information or contact us to book a demo today!


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