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Snippet: Mobile technology has transformed customer interaction however, many banking customers doubt the security of the mobile banking channel.

More people are turning to mobile banking and payments than ever before. So there’s never been a more important time to strike the balance between heightened security and convenient access.

Fast-evolving mobile malware, poor app design, weaknesses in mobile device ID, as well as flawed authentication: any and all of these could can up-end your digital banking strategy. But the same could be said of overly complicated security mechanisms that frustrate users by slowing them down. What you need is mobile banking security that helps build trust, improves usability, and drives customer engagement.

In this white paper on secure mobile banking, we look at:

  • The mobile opportunity
  • Six threats to mobile security
  • Solving the security and user experience equation
  • Five best practices to securing the mobile channel

Download our white paper now to learn more about next-generation mobile banking security.

Securing the Mobile Banking Channel

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