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Snippet: How do consumers use banking apps, and are they satisfied? If not, why? And what can banks do to improve customers’ experiences? Our final customer authentication playbook has the answers.

In the final playbook in our Customer Authentication Study series with, we wanted to zoom in on customers’ use of mobile banking apps.

We sought to understand what they like and dislike about their apps, how they think customer authentication measures can be improved, and what a great experience would mean for their use of banking apps.

A snapshot of what stood out for us about customers’ experience of mobile banking apps:

  • Concerns over data security are a key cause of dissatisfaction with banking apps.
  • Improving the user experience of mobile banking apps will drive increased app usage.
  • Some customers feel it’s too easy to make mistakes on banking apps.

Download this playbook to gain access to real insights from real banking app users.

Customer authentication playbook: The path to banking app adoption

Download: White paper

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