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The journey from OTPs to secure, seamless customer experience

Fraudsters always seem to be a step ahead of the latest banking innovation. Backed by their constant resourcefulness, fraud schemes have continually evolved — from man-in-the-middle attacks to vishing, and now payer manipulation. As a result, legacy solutions, like OTPs, have become ineffectual at best, and a high risk to banking security at worst.

In this webinar with our partner, About Fraud, our panel of fraud specialists (Dewald Nolte, Entersekt’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer; Matt Loos, Entersekt’s Chief Revenue Officer; Doug Almeida, Chartway’s VP of Digital Banking; and Ronald Praetsch, About Fraud’s Co-founder) share insights on:

  • Understanding the latest fraud schemes impacting FIs, such as instant payment fraud.
  • New approaches to fighting fast-growing attack vectors like vishing, account takeover, authorized push payment, and real-time payment fraud.
  • The importance of evolving fraud prevention technologies, such as biometrics and centralized, context-based authentication strategies.
  • Next steps FIs can take to future-proof their fraud prevention and security approach.

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