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Snippet: Entersekt’s customer authentication solution has been expanded with FIDO2 in mind. Now, banks can offer their customers even more choice during step-up authentication – without the need for a mobile app.

Passwords as authenticators pose one of the greatest threats to cybersecurity today. In fact, they’re the root cause of over 80% of data breaches. User-generated passwords tend to be weak and predictable. OTPs, too, run the risk of being intercepted. Realistically, no password on its own is truly secure.

A meeting of strong minds

What is FIDO2? Short for ‘Fast IDentity Online’, FIDO has been the industry’s answer to the world’s over-reliance on passwords since 2013. The updated standard, FIDO2, meets the highest level of assurance, addressing several authentication use cases in the process, including:

  • Authentication using roaming or platform authenticators
  • Single-factor passwordless login
  • Multi-factor passwordless login with biometrics
  • Delegated authentication
  • Digital registration and identity recovery

As specialists in the field of strong customer authentication and ambassadors for frictionless, omnichannel experiences, Entersekt is well-positioned to support FIDO2. As such, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include FIDO authentication.


Why choose Entersekt, though?

By combining Entersekt’s patented strong customer authentication technology with the use of roaming or platform authenticators, the solution delivers more than mere user presence attestation, but a valuable set of features built on exceptional security.


Download your copy of this fact sheet now to read more about Entersekt and FIDO2!

FIDO Authentication

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