Entersekt’s PSD2 strong authentication checklist

Entersekt’s PSD2 strong authentication checklist

If you are part of Europe’s digital economy, you need to comply with PSD2. That means your organization must implement strong customer authentication (SCA) to comply with the regulatory technical standards the directive stipulates. But what does this mean, practically? What does this look like?

In this document, we break down the relevant articles from the RTS that pertain to SCA, and explain our response to each of these, with easy-to-digest graphics and diagrams that help make this technical ride less arduous for all involved. This includes:

  • Chapter 2: Security Measures for the Application of Strong Customer Authentication
    • Authentication Code
    • Requirements of the Elements Categorized as Possession
    • Dynamic Linking
  • Chapter 4: Confidentiality and Integrity of the Payment Service Users’ Personalized Security Credentials
    • Association with the Payment Service User

Entersekt are established experts in the authentication space, and we can help you become compliant. Together, we can meet the deadline in time.

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