Snippet: Say hello to the latest addition to Entersekt’s customer authentication solution: browser authentication. Built to the highest industry standards with regulatory compliance and interoperability at its core, it matches world-class security with superior user experience.

Entersekt has always been proudly mobile-first – we still are. But fraud knows no limits, and that won’t change. So, in support of true, safe omnichannel banking experiences, we’ve expanded our renowned customer authentication solution. Say hello to browser authentication.

Digital balancing act

Today’s banking customers want access to individualized experiences that fit in with their busy, tech-focused lives. Moreover, they demand these experiences be available anytime, from anywhere, and for everything to integrate seamlessly across all their devices. 

But accurately identifying and authenticating users across multiple digital banking channels is an extremely complex undertaking requiring state-of-the-art technology that can balance security with user experience. Having successfully mastered the combination for mobile app-based authentication, Entersekt was well-placed to extend its offering to browser authentication.

Multi-factor perfection

Built to the highest industry standards, with regulatory compliance and interoperability at its core, browser authentication matches world-class security with superior user experience in several unique ways, offering:

  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Orchestration of the authentication process
  • Real-time risk assessments
  • Zero device collision
  • Cryptographic attestation of a browser’s presence
  • The potential for passwordless login
  • Omnichannel banking excellence

Download your copy of this fact sheet now to read more about Entersekt’s new browser authentication solution.

Browser authentication steps up for FIs’ omnichannel strategies

Download: fact sheet

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