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Snippet: Finally, a seamless e-commerce checkout experience with step-up authentication that looks and feels the same for 3-D Secure 1 and 2.

Choosing the right fintech partner is the first step to 3-D Secure success.

Entersekt has a deep understanding of the 3-D Secure protocol. Our mobile payments enablement solution was amongst the very first to be accredited by Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Our in-app, out-of-band authentication experience proved extremely popular since the beginning.

What is 3-D Secure? A quick recap:

3-D Secure is a messaging protocol which enables issuers to securely authenticate consumers during online shopping, thereby helping to prevent card-not-present fraud. In short,  it offers:

  • A layer of security that reduces fraudulent transactions
  • Prevents unauthorised use of credit and debit cards online
  • Protects merchants from exposure to fraud-related chargebacks

A significant change facing banks is the release of the updated specifications, called EMV 3-D Secure, which are intended to:

Improve the user experience
Improve authorization rates
Reduce the risk of fraud


What makes a great 3-D Secure solution? A guide for card issuers:

  • Easy integration, rapid deployment
  • Streamline cardholder onboarding
  • Hosted and on-premise options
  • A consistent, low-friction end-user experience

For us, 3-D Secure is much more than just a compliance exercise; we see it as an opportunity to innovate. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, you need to look at new ways to engage and delight your customers.

Our solution offers just that, and a whole lot more. Download our solution sheet and find out what sets our solution apart from our competitors >>

3-D Secure solution sheet

Download: Solution sheet

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