Snippet: South African retail bank Capitec has experienced extraordinary growth since it was founded in 2001. Competing with long established heavyweights, it has focused on digital efficiency to keep fees low and services convenient.

Working with Entersekt, South African retail bank Capitec streamlines the full 3-D Secure journey and reaps the rewards.

Business challenges

  • Replace inflexible outsourced system with a card-not-present experience fit for a globally recognized leader in digital service delivery
  • Ensure user enrollment automatic in order to drive adoption and save branch costs
  • Dispense with easily forgotten static passwords to reduce cart abandonment


  • Conversion rates increased by 54 percent in six months; transaction value grew 149 percent in the first year
  • Further tweaks targeting transaction limit related declines, increased that conversion rate by 150 percent in just over a week
  • Delivers a consistent user experience across all digital channels
  • Provides a step-up experience that looks and feels the same irrespective of the 3-D Secure version in use

Download our Capitec case study for more insights.

Download: Case study

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