Celebrating Human Rights Day: Our people

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In South Africa, we commemorate Human Rights Day on March 21st. On this day, we celebrate our country’s journey to democracy and the promotion of human rights for all citizens. At Entersekt, we champion those same rights. We understand that our strength, innovation and pioneering spirit flourish in a diverse and inclusive culture.

And what better way to celebrate these values than by hearing from one of Entersekt-ers in South Africa (SA), Shanice Theunissen. Here’s what she shared about Human Rights Day, her experience growing up in SA and her journey to Entersekt.
What does Human Rights Day mean to you?
Human Rights Day is a reminder to always treat others equally, no matter their circumstances. Appearance and status shouldn’t dictate how you treat others. Our people fought for these human rights, and it is only honorable and fair to uphold them, ensuring equality in every aspect of life.
Tell us about your background.
I was born and grew up in Stellenbosch (where our South African office is situated). It’s a beautiful university town approximately 40kms or 25 miles outside of Cape Town. My family tells me I’ve always been an eager beaver and ready to take on any challenge. It was clear already from my school days with all my extramural activities, ranging from being an athlete, playing soccer, netball and hockey to karate, gymnastics and being part of the high school choir at one point.

I graduated high school in 2020 and started my BCom Management Marketing degree in 2021, which I’m busy completing part-time. Working and studying is definitely not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of sacrifice, time and effort. But it has taught me how to manage my time well and the importance of prioritizing.
Tell us about your first internship.
In April 2022 I started my very first internship with the MiDO Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps under-privileged learners develop their digital skills (it is also one of the youth development programs that Entersekt supports). I worked in their marketing department on a program called the Youth Employment Service (YES) and learned so much. I got to work alongside extraordinary people that have such a passion for helping those in need.

Working at the MiDO Foundation taught me to be humble and thankful for all the opportunities I was exposed to. I love how their digital hubs in schools create a safe space for the students to learn and engage with technology. I loved every bit of working for the foundation. Not to mention the doors it opened for me in my career journey...
How has it been working at Entersekt?
In January 2023 I started an internship at Entersekt, thanks to the MiDO Foundation! I was a bit nervous initially, but already on my first day I felt at home. The team was so kind and welcoming, I didn’t feel like a newbie at all. In fact, after a few weeks, it felt like I had been working at Entersekt for years.

The team and my manager never treated me like ‘just an intern’, they made me feel part of something bigger and made my purpose greater too. I clicked well with everyone, and since that first day, my mind was set on Entersekt! I knew that this was the place for me. It was so different from the stories I’d heard about working in a corporate environment. The team motivates me to always try my best and nothing less every day. And what I love is that we look out for each other and treat everyone with respect.

When my internship finished, and I was offered a permanent position at Entersekt, I said yes without thinking twice! There was no way I was going to let this wonderful opportunity slip through my fingers. And I’ve had no regrets taking this job — it was the best decision I could ever have made.
What are your long-term career goals, and how has Entersekt shaped your plans?
My future career plans are to gain more knowledge and skills here at Entersekt, and take on more responsibility in the company. I am learning so much from my brilliant manager. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. She ensures that I get the necessary training to grow as an individual and in my role. She’s also given me ownership of projects but is always willing to assist if I need any help.

I think that Entersekt inspires growth, because I feel 100% supported in my career path and it motivates me to strive for the best.

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