FIDO: The passwordless MFA solution

Introducing FIDO passwordless authentication
Passwords are one of the greatest threats to cybersecurity today – in fact, they’re the root cause of over 80% of data breaches. So what's the solution?

Introducing FIDO and FIDO2 passwordless authentication

The FIDO Alliance has been tackling the industry’s password problem since 2013. Their latest FIDO2 specification enables simpler and more secure authentication experiences. Its many benefits include:

  • Zero reliance on passwords
  • Support for various login credentials and methods
  • No need for downloading plugins, drivers or software
  • Security and privacy: no credentials shared or stored

Why choose Entersekt?

As specialists in the field of strong customer authentication, Entersekt is well-positioned to support FIDO2 as part of our customer authentication solution. If you'd like to discuss your requirements with an expert, click here.

Read more about Entersekt's passwordless authentication solution with FIDO, or download our latest ebook,The ultimate guide to FIDO.