Push USSD, out-of-band communication for feature phones.

Enable a secure and fully out-of-band channel between bank and customer on any GSM phone.

Many older or low-cost mobile devices cannot run mobile apps, so some of your customers may not be able to use of our flagship product Transakt. That’s why we developed a device agnostic alternative. With Interakt, your customers can authenticate their online banking, mobile banking, e-commerce payments, and more, on a smart phone, feature phone, or green-screen handset. All you need is their mobile number.


Product features

Interakt uses network-initiated USSD or push USSD to provide an out-of-band authentication channel between your organization and your customer’s mobile device. Authentication requests and responses are transmitted over the mobile network’s GSM channel, which is distinct from the online or mobile channel used to log in and initiate transactions. This means that fraudsters cannot intercept the authentication request and response, even if the online channel is compromised.

  • Enables out-of-band, multi-factor authentication of sensitive transactions
  • Allows users to flag fraudulent activity targeting their accounts immediately
  • Significantly reduces threats posed by phishing, man-in-the-middle, and keystroke logging attacks
  • Works on virtually all mobile phones – even devices with a text-only interface
  • Ensures quality of service, with a success rate of up to 96 percent
  • Guarantees high availability, with over 99 percent uptime
  • Has a proven track record securing hundreds of millions of transactions

Push USSD allows a two-way exchange of data in real time, distinguishing it from the store-and-forward-technology used in SMS. Your customer confirms transactions by responding directly to an authentication prompt that overlays their screen. They enter 1 (for Accept) or 9 (for Reject) into the entry field and press Reply. No session data is stored on the device – unlike in an SMS-based authentication system.

  • Provides a real-time, low-friction experience already familiar to your customers
  • Replaces SMS one-time passwords and hardware tokens, saving your customers time and you money
  • Allows users to receive and respond to authentication messages while on the phone to a call center
  • Avoids the need to switch back and forth between a mobile browser and authentication prompt
  • Does not store authentication data on the device, protecting against mobile malware

The Interakt Secure Gateway is a high-performance server we install behind your firewall. It acts as the interface between your backend systems and Entersekt’s cloud-based message router, which switches authentication requests and responses to and from the correct mobile devices.

  • Enables out-of-band communications with customers’ mobile devices by providing push integration to all mobile platforms
  • Encrypts and decrypts all messages sent to and from the message router
  • Interfaces to multiple industry-standard access protocols, facilitating rapid integration
  • Easily configured through a web portal

You can configure Interakt to check whether a SIM swap has occurred and protect your customers from SIM-swap fraud, a popular form of spear phishing.

Mobile network operators charge for push USSD connections. Our reverse billing means that your customers need not pay for the functionality directly.

See our technology in action.

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