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Launch new products and offer a converged authentication user experience of all digital payment channels.

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Whether shopping online, using a third-party wallet, using a payment initiation service provider, scanning a QR code, or using a contactless payment method, your account holders want a consistent experience. It saves them time and inspires confidence in the safety and reliability of the services you provide them. Connekt delivers a converged, predictable user experience for card-on-file and tokenized use cases across all digital channels, quickly and painlessly.


Product features

Acting as a protocol bridge between the card networks, cardholders’ browsers, and your enterprise services, Connekt provides a 3-D Secure access control server accredited by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

  • Implements 3-D Secure
  • Validates the cardholder and transaction, significantly lowering rates of card-not-present fraud
  • Interoperates with Transakt for true out-of-band authentication, transaction signing, and mobile app security
  • Records all relevant events for enterprise logging, auditing, and reporting
  • Deploys quickly and helps expedite certification
  • Integrates with your hardware security module through standard drivers

3-D Secure authentication screens mostly have an outdated appearance, provide little scope for bank branding, and are served from unfamiliar web addresses. Shoppers who are unfamiliar with the process are made uneasy by the distinct break in an otherwise smooth checkout, contributing to the current high rate of cart abandonment. Connekt allows you to design a bespoke 3-D Secure process flow and interface that sets your cardholders at ease.

  • Serves static HTML web pages for 3-D Secure user interactions
  • Provides complete control over the appearance of these pages
  • Allows them to be served using a URL your customers trust
  • Enables customer-specific customizations, including personal greetings and targeted marketing messages

Most implementations of the 3-D Secure protocol frustrate cardholders. The user experience leaves a lot to be desired. Connekt offers a radically different approach to the cumbersome entry into a browser of static or one-time passwords. Cardholders authenticate their purchases by simply tapping Accept or Reject on their mobile phones. It’s quick, simple, and significantly more secure than password-based solutions.

  • Enables secure real-time confirmation of transaction details
  • Helps deliver a consistent user experience across all digital channels
  • Replaces manual entry of passwords with a mobile-first one-touch process
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment, increases card usage, and improves cardholder retention
  • Lowers operational costs associated with SMS one-time passwords

Staying ahead of innovation in mobile payments is complex, costly, and comes with few guarantees of success. With Connekt, you can switch on new mobile payment services within your banking app, quickly and painlessly. Integrate once. Connekt will do the work of bridging disparate technologies, freeing your team to focus on crafting a superior user experience.

  • Supports an ever-expanding range of mobile payment products like Masterpass, mVisa, and SnapScan
  • Implements a wallet for Mastercard and Visa tap-to-pay purchases
  • Allows you to compete with your peers and a host of new competitors with agility and without undue risk

Connekt implements a fully integrated interface with the payments networks for real-time token identification and verification requests. It also helps manage token issuance, storage, revocation, and transmission to issuer wallets, and digital signing of wallet-initiated transactions.

  • Improve security and speed of issuance of tokens to third-party wallets
  • Speed up deployment of tokenized issuer wallets

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Entersekt is an international software development company based just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

We are leaders in authentication, app security, and payments enablement technology, offering a highly scalable solution set with a track record of success across multiple continents.