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Tech Central, 01 June 2018

TechCentral podcast: Interview with Entersekt CEO Schalk Nolte

In this episode, Duncan McLeod talks via an Internet call to Schalk Nolte, CEO of Entersekt, the online security specialist firm based in Stellenbosch.
Pymnts, 29 May 2018

Whose customer is it when banks and fintechs collaborate?

Entersekt CTO Gerhard Oosthuizen tells why fintechs and banks will do well to work together in an era where the consumer relationship is up in the air.
Payments & Cards Network, 25 May 2018

Growth is where the trust is

Read why Entersekt’s SVP North America, Sherif Samy, says growth is where the trust is in the latest issue of Payments & Cards Magazine.
PYMNTS, 24 May 2018

Impersonation with ease

Could blockchain technology and a self-sovereign identity help combat synthetic identity fraud? See what Sherif Samy, SVP: North America at Entersekt, thinks in’s eBook on blockchain.
Payments Journal, 23 May 2018

Intelligent friction - podcast

On this episode, Sherif Samy, SVP North America for Entersekt talks about intelligent friction.
Der Bank Blog, 16 May 2018

Ist Ihre Authentifizierungs-Lösung fit für PSD2?

Finanzdienstleister müssen bis September 2019 eine PSD2-konforme Authentifizierungs-Lösung bereitstellen. Aber schon bis zum 14. März 2019 muss eine angemessene Dokumentation der technischen Schnittstelle sowie eine Testumgebung bereitgestellt werden.
ITFinanzmagazin, 16 May 2018

Wie funktioniert digitale Identität – Teil 7: Die Lösungs­anbieter im Identity-Bereich

Nachdem in den vorhergehenden 6 Teilen dieser Serie die Ideen und Technologien thematisiert wurden, sollen nun Unternehmen vorgestellt werden, die auf Basis dieser Konzepte Lösungen anbieten. Ich habe über 50 Unternehmen identifiziert, die ich alle für mehr oder minder relevant halte.
Hypepotamus, 14 May 2018

This South African security startup came to Atlanta for its fintech scene — now they’re helping protect Equifax

Despite the many forms of authentication put in place to protect your devices and accounts these days — biometric, knowledge-based or contextual information like your environment — hackers still find ways to get into your devices.
Computer Business review, 14 May 2018

Here be fraudsters: A panorama of digital dangers in the UK

What are banks doing to keep their customers’ money and data safe as digital attacks proliferate?, 02 May 2018

Entersekt: Banks and the ‘transaction pipe’ trap

Entersekt chief commercial officer Dewald Nolte explains to PYMNTS why now is the time for banks to step in as the “go-to” digital payments source for customers who want to use their phones to pay.

Be more trusted.

"The Entersekt solution ensures leading-edge security combined with easy-to-use convenience."

Carl Fischer, Executive marketing & corporate affairs, Capitec Bank

"SIM swaps perpetrated against our clients have virtually flat-lined over the past four years."

George Chirwa, Head of digital and mobile, Nedbank

"We are thrilled to partner with Entersekt to provide Touch ID enabled service for customers. This will make mobile banking more convenient without compromising security, which is of the utmost importance to us."

Jim Reuter, CEO, FirstBank

"CouttsID is the first of its kind in the UK but is supported by Entersekt, whose technology has been proven in South Africa and other countries."

Joe Norburn, Managing director, head of digital and business development, Coutts

"With Entersekt, we saw an opportunity to improve the user experience dramatically, while at the same time enhancing security on the mobile channel."

Lyndon Subroyen, Global head of digital channels, Investec

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Entersekt is an international software development company based just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

We are leaders in authentication, app security, and payments enablement technology, offering a highly scalable solution set with a track record of success across multiple continents.