Case Studies

Investec goes global with push-based authentication

Investec logo
Investec is a specialist bank and asset manager catering to a niche client base in the United Kingdom and Europe, Southern Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Its clients are very actively engaged and highly mobile, and expect a streamlined, uniform digital experience wherever they happen to be. Starting in early 2014, Investec worked with us to meet these needs.

Business challenges
  • Find a global solution to secure clients, private bankers, intermediaries, and staff
  • Provide a uniform user experience regardless of channel, business division, or country
  • Replace SMS and hardware delivered one-time passwords, making life easier and more secure for clients and staff

  • Consistent, predictable, low-friction user experience
  • Invulnerable to phishing, man-in-the-middle, and SIM-swap attacks
  • Seamless digital signing of all sensitive transactions
  • Out-of-band, two-factor authentication of transactions initiated on the same device
  • New products launched in the app without re-enrolment or other user action