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Mindjoy, Entersekt and MiDO Foundation partner up to teach digital skills

A new partnership between edtech startup Mindjoy, Entersekt and the MiDO Foundation will teach 60 students from Lückhoff High School digital skills.

This is part of a pilot project championed by Mindjoy which sees Entersekt funding small-group project-based coding sessions. The MiDO Foundation manages the digital hub at the high school and will coordinate the sessions.

The sessions will give students exposure to basic programming skills in Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

“Entersekt, MiDO and Mindjoy all believe in helping students build their competencies as digital citizens to develop essential skills for the future of work, but also to support learners in having the necessary skills to access economic opportunities,” explains Mindjoy’s chief executive officer and founder, Gabi Immelman.

The sessions kicked off on 2nd March and will continue through to December 2022. The hope is that this is just the first of many with expansion into more schools and more grades.

Mindjoy takes a unique approach to teaching digital skills. There is a focus on having fun and exploration which – in our experience – helps to not only make the sessions memorable but the content of those sessions as well. Make no mistake, learning is happening but so is fun.

“This is an undisputed recipe for digital skills education and indeed digital skills supply in South Africa. Our labour market is under duress, with these skills being both scarce and in high demand; this is one of the vehicles of remedy we are proud to support and nurture, with invaluable partnerships and communities at its heart,” Arno Kemp, vice president of transformation and growth at Entersekt said in a statement.

We highly recommend parents with children 8-years old and older check out Mindjoy if your child has expressed an interest in coding, making games or they are just generally curious.

The startup just recently launched an artificial intelligence and machine learning course which is not only fun but makes the complex world of AI and ML more approachable.