Entersekt’s Connekt: the key to reducing cart abandonment

Sherif Samy|02 May 2018
Entersekt’s Connekt: the key to reducing cart abandonment

Cart abandonment one is of the biggest concerns for e-commerce merchants today. They are, after all, operating in a space where the customer holds the power to fill their shopping basket to the brim only to discard it at checkout if anything about the process doesn’t appeal them. Too many fields to fill in? Too many security measures? Too few security measures? That’s it, end of shopping story. In the age of the customer, there is no compromise. Merchants have to offer the whole checkout package – speed, convenience, security – if they want to maximize conversion from browsing to purchase.

Onerous security measures like special hardware tokens scare customers off, but according to the American Express 2017 Digital Payments Survey, 37% of shoppers abandon online purchases when they do not feel secure, so merchants also cannot get away with no measures at all. To address this gap, major players like Visa, MasterCard and American Express have adopted the 3-D Secure protocol, an SSL-based communication technology that requests transaction authorisation from the shopper, usually through the entering of a one-time password (OTP), before a purchase is completed. 3-D Secure is intended to provide additional security for digital transactions, but due to its poor user experience it has yet to be embraced widely. What, then, is the answer?

Merchants are increasingly turning to push-based transaction authentication solutions such as Entersekt’s Connekt, which effectively combine security and convenience. Instead of plodding through a long, complicated checkout process, the shopper receives a real-time encrypted request to confirm their purchase details on their mobile. A single tap to continue with (or cancel) the purchase completes the transaction, and digital certificate technology records it to facilitate nonrepudiation.

What is more, Connekt enables merchants to offer a variety of payment options, including Masterpass, Visa tap-to-pay, and QR code scan-to-pay. The Connekt product suite also features an access control server (ACS), which means that there’s no need for the merchant to obtain this through a third-party provider. Quick to deploy and ready for 3-D Secure 2.0, which will soon be mandated across the globe, Connekt is the right authentication platform for merchants who wish to maximize ease-of-use and customer control while minimizing cart abandonment.

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Sherif Samy

Sherif Samy

SVP North America

Sherif manages Entersekt’s North American business, where his experience in establishing brand presence and building strategic partnerships positions us well for growth. A perfect fit at Entersekt, he has long been focused on cyber security, digital Identity, and payments innovation in fintech.

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