Nedbank’s interactive transaction authentication system, Approve-It, was built by Entersekt to replace an earlier OTP-based system. It allows Nedbank customers to authenticate online banking transactions using their mobile devices. It also forms the security platform on which the award-winning Nedbank App Suite is built. This fast-growing range of mobile services – from retail and business banking to personal financial management and online stock trading – was downloaded 560,000 times to March 2015. 

All services are accessible with a single sign-on and are presented to the user in something akin to a virtual store front. The suite provides a consistent, intuitive user experience regardless of the various back-end systems the different services engage. It requires little, if any, customer education. 

The suite is available for hundreds of models of mobile device on the Apple, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, as well as feature phones. 

The Nedbank App Suite has been widely credited for its simplicity, convenience, functionality, and cost effectiveness. In 2013, the Nedbank App Suite was recognized as the best consumer app on Android at South Africa’s premier mobile app awards. It has been showcased at the Accenture Global CIO Forum 2013 in Rome, and is the subject of a presentation at the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2013 in Los Angeles.

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