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Entersekt: Neue Finanzierungsrunde sichert internationale Expansion des Fintech-Unternehmens
08 June 2017|Read More




RMI and NPE invest in SA’s fintech Entersekt to supercharge global expansion
07 June 2017|Read More




Stellenbosch-based Entersekt wins second Banker Africa 2017 award in as many months
24 May 2017|Read More




Gängige Authentifizierungsverfahren beim Mobile-Banking nicht sicher
03 May 2017|Read More




Entersekt: Über 1 Milliarde sichere Transaktionen
24 April 2017|Read More




Stellenbosch-based Entersekt wins Banker Africa 2017 award
04 April 2017|Read More




Entersekt appoints Global Kinetic as app development partner
23 February 2017|Read More




Entersekt builds on European success with senior UK appointment
07 February 2017|Read More




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