Up until now, more common authentication methods have relied on the presence of a mobile app to be effective. But other methods exist to reach customers without an app – whether they’re on a browser or a mobile device.
Authenticate your customers, securely, without an app.

Use Cases - Authentication without an app

What is authentication without an app?

For some consumers, mobile apps – and therefore traditional app-based authentication – are not an option.

Some use feature phones instead of smart devices, while others don’t trust banking apps. In many instances, it’s simply a matter of choice. Whatever the reason, you still need to reach these customers and secure their interactions.
Inclusivity and accessibility should never be ignored.

Entersekt built a mobile-network–based authentication solution that allows institutions to reach the often-overlooked segment of their customer base: those without a mobile app. By leveraging both SIM context technology and USSD push notifications, institutions can authenticate these customers’ interactions using only their mobile numbers.

Our Browser Authentication product, underpinned by strong device identity, enables institutions to take advantage of biometric authentication (enabled by FIDO) to offer secure account access and unique payment authentication use cases.
Our approach to authentication without an app.
Explore our products that enable authentication without an app.
Futureproof your browser channel and enable more secure, versatile user experiences.
Eliminate the risk of SIM-based fraud and
attacks with an inclusive solution, compatible with any mobile device.
MNO Authentication
Browser Authentication
Replace passwords and one-time PIN codes (OTPs) with biometric authentication, enabled by FIDO.
Biometric Authentication
MNO Authentication
Browser Authentication
Biometric Authentication
Case studies.
PlusCard case study
PLUSCARD authenticates payments with FIDO
A world-first deployment by Entersekt and Netcetera! When PLUSCARD realized that several of their customers were not using a mobile device for authentication...
African Bank case study
African Bank chooses GSM authentication to simplify call center verification
Read how South African retail bank, African Bank, used Entersekt’s GSM authentication solution to simplify their call center verification process and save time for their customers and call center staff...

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