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UK survey report: The current state of online shopping

UK consumer report on online shopping
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The unprecedented arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a marked effect on everyone’s daily lives in one way or another. For many consumers, both young and old, it has meant swapping their shopping trolleys for online carts – a shift that has been uncomfortable for some, especially newcomers to the world of e-commerce.

This report examines the results of a survey conducted on behalf of Entersekt on 1,000 UK consumers. With the holiday shopping season reaching its peak over the last few weeks, the aim was to establish the exact extent of the changes in consumers’ shopping habits brought on by the pandemic.

The results, of course, have huge long-term implications for retailers and financial institutions looking to keep the online shopping experience safe, secure and user friendly.

Concerns about e-commerce security, fraud, and more

The survey focused on shopping behaviors, priorities while shopping online, how decisions were made about where to shop, as well as attitudes towards e-commerce security and fraud. As the report will reveal in more detail, a lot has changed:

  • 26% of consumers are shopping less in physical stores now than before the pandemic.
  • 29% are using less cash now that they’re shopping online more.
  • 14% will not visit physical stores for this year’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.
  • 7% have been shopping impulsively out of stress or boredom.
  • 15% are using mobile phones for online shopping now more than before COVID-19.
  • 11% are more concerned about fraud and identity theft while shopping online.
  • 11% say security during online shopping has grown in importance to them.
  • Only 26% claim their habits have not been affected at all.

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