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Ebook: New directions in authentication

New directions in authentication

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How advanced new technologies deployed in tandem will deliver a passwordless future

What's inside:

A collective look at a passwordless future with contributions from global experts.

  • Digital banking transformation’s surprising secret for success - Stessa Cohen, Strategic Advisor, PivotAssets
  • Widening the web with browser authentication - Andries Maritz, Product Manager, Entersekt
  • Focus on behavioral biometrics Alan Goode, CEO and Chief Analyst, Goode Intelligence
  • Secure online shopping experience set to improve with delegated authentication Gerhard Oosthuizen, Chief Technology Officer, Entersekt
  • The ultimate marriage of convenience: behavioral biometrics and strong device identity Robert Capps, VP Marketplace Innovation, NuData Security & Uwe Härtel, Central Europe Country Manager, Entersekt
  • Say hello to the prospect of passwordless authentication Simon Armstrong, VP Product, Entersekt

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