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FIDO for SCA delegation to merchants or wallet providers

FIDO for SCA delegation

Authentication options for SCA delegation, and why FIDO ticks everyone’s boxes

Authenticating consumers during remote transactions is undeniably good for both security and approval rates. But, for various reasons, not all consumers are always able to authenticate properly to their banks, adding unwanted friction to the process and increasing the risk of transaction abandonment.

Merchants and wallet providers typically have existing relationships with consumers, though, so what if the authentication method established during those relationships could be leveraged in an act of delegated authentication?

In this white paper, the FIDO Alliance explores:

  • Detailed prerequisites for strong customer authentication (SCA) delegation, including regulatory requirements in PSD2 markets and the conditions banks need to agree to.
  • Different customer authentication options available for SCA delegation purposes.
  • The value of implementing FIDO for SCA delegation, with a focus on PSD2 compliance and benefits to the payment ecosystem.
  • How FIDO authentication is shared with banks to seamlessly approve transactions in compliance with PSD2 – for example, in a 3-D Secure message.
  • How merchants and wallet providers can implement FIDO for SCA delegation, keeping the customer journey in mind.

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