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Behind the Shield: Decreasing friction and increasing security with Browser ID

Advances in digital banking technology like digital wallets and real-time payments make banking more convenient for customers. But new technology can also create gaps in security that fraudsters exploit.

FIs need solutions that improve banking and payment security, but without adding unnecessary friction. One particular concern in the industry right now is how to offer strong security without infringing on a user’s privacy.

In this video, our Product Manager: Browser Experience, Arno van der Merwe, shares how Entersekt’s new Browser authentication feature, Browser ID, provides strong security that is privacy focused. The innovative new feature:

  • Uses a cryptographic keypair to identify and trust a user’s browser.
  • Offers a form of silent attestation.
  • Reduces friction and strengthens security.
  • Prioritizes user privacy.
  • Is un-phisable!

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