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Q2 | Creating a better user experience with biometrics

Fraudsters always exploit any gaps they find in banking security. FIs with outdated authentication solutions increase the risk of exposing their customers to attack vectors, like instant payments, authorized push payments (APP) and account takeover (ATO) fraud.

In our webinar with Greg Varnell from Q2, Maggie Tuschinski from First Financial Bank and Mzukisi Rusi from Entersekt, our expert panel explores how modern authentication can protect banking customers and futureproof their solutions.

They share valuable insights regarding:

  • How FIs can reach a balance between strong security and stellar customer experiences.
  • How First Financial Bank combats today’s fraud vectors with leading authentication solutions.

With Entersekt’s modern authentication solutions for the Q2 platform, banks and credit unions can shield their customers from financial fraud, streamline operations, improve the user experience, and more!

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