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Unmasking the threat of authorized push payment fraud

Don’t let authorized push payment (APP) fraud turn your unwitting customers into fraudsters! Discover how to spot APP fraud red flags and protect your customers with modern authentication solutions.
Online banking fraud prevention is an ongoing challenge for banks and credit unions. What's even more complex is when fraudsters trick customers into committing the fraud themselves through authorized push payment (APP) scams. APP fraud is a growing problem around the globe, and one that requires a collaborative, intelligent response.

In this webinar, ‘Unmasking the threat of authorized push payment fraud,’ the expert panel: Entersekt’s Chief Technology Officer, Gerhard Oosthuizen; Ursula Pearson-Williams, BankservAfrica; Kevin Hogan, Investec; and Steve Goddard, Featurespace share their insights on:

  • The evolution of APP fraud
  • The role of mule accounts and cryptocurrency
  • The impact of modern authentication measures like behavioral analytics
  • The importance of intelligence-sharing among stakeholders

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