Rebuilding resilience

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Rebuilding resilience levels at work
Have you found yourself feeling overly irritable or dwelling on problems lately? Do you sometimes overreact to situations or feedback from others at work, home, or when socializing?

If so, you may be one of millions who are experiencing signs of low resilience levels.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to rebuild resilience and, in doing so, also expand overall wellness. Remember, when we are more agile in recovering after setbacks and bouncing back to our wonderful selves – i.e., being resilient – we also tend to be more successful at life in general.

So, how do we build these resilience levels?

The Harvard Business Review offers a set of secrets to help restore resilience and centers it around the importance and influence of our connections. These include:

  • Making more sense of people or situational politics,
  • Taking us back to what or where the meaning is in our work, and
  • Keeping our perspectives real when we do experience setbacks.

To help with this and to start building out connections, refer to the relational sources of resilience model featured in the image below. Expand your network step-by-step alongside the dimensions of empathy, work surge, politics, pushback, vision, purpose and, of course, humor.

You may want to try one or two that you feel are most meaningful, then build it out from there.

Resilience in the workplace

From a professional point of view, resilience building can be well augmented with some workplace-resilient statements such as:

  • “In the last week, I have felt excited to work every day,” or
  • “I always believe things are going to work out for the best.”

These are two of the resilience statements offered by the MIT Sloan Management Review, which were borne out of findings from the largest global study of resilience and engagement from the ADP Research Institute.

Whether our resilience levels are medium, low, or intact, isn’t this a great time of the year to consider boosting or keeping up tip-top back-bouncing capabilities?

We’ll leave you to ponder and try out a few tips or techniques, while wishing you success no matter how you choose to reset the resilience button.