Multifactor authentication - Entersekt
Safeguard your customers’ transactions in a compliant and user-friendly way, using true out-of-band, multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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Protect your customers from digital fraud
and identity theft.

Mobile Authentication

Fast time to market
Seamless User Experience
Secure, Compliant Authentication
Quickly integrate market-leading authentication and security into your existing mobile apps with our packaged software development kit (SDK).

Alternatively, white label a standalone authentication app, built by Entersekt, with the same high standard as our SDK.

Fast time to market

Offer smart, step-up authentication mechanisms with minimal-to-no friction.

Enable customers to digitally sign responses with just one touch.

Deploy secure QR codes to replace SMS OTPs as a fallback mechanism during network interruptions.

Receive risk scores per transaction
that identify associated risks and enable more context-aware authentication.

A seamless user experience

Uniquely identify and trust a customer’s mobile device thanks to digital certificates deployed from our secure platform.

Get real-time information about a device, including its age, integrity, and current location.

Send real-time authentication to a
customer’s device and receive a digitally
signed response in return.

Secure, compliant

Benefits for your business.
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Entersekt’s one-touch mobile authentication solution performs up to ten times faster than SMS OTPs.
Our customers experience an almost immediate 99% reduction in fraud and related attacks after implementing our solution.
45% of cybersecurity solutions display weaknesses and vulnerabilities in data transmission.
One in three banking apps rely on invalid authentication implementations.
What the experts say.
Reduce phishing attacks*
*Nedbank saw phishing attacks reduce by 99% in the first 11 months.
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