Protect your customers from digital fraud and identity theft.

Mobile Authentication from Entersekt is a key component to safeguarding your customers’ account login and banking transactions in a secure, compliant, and user-friendly way using true out-of-band, multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Mobile app authentication

How it works.

Mobile Authentication is an easy-to-integrate, app-based solution that reduces fraud and friction with smart and flexible step-up authentication technology. 

Watch the video to see Mobile Authentication in action.

Outcomes for your business.

Offer smart, step-up authentication mechanisms with minimal-to-no friction.

Enable customers to digitally sign responses with just one touch.

Deploy secure QR codes to replace SMS OTPs as a fallback mechanism during network interruptions.

Offer secure, easy access through multi-factor authentication that suits customers’ needs and preferences.
A seamless
user experience
Quickly integrate market-leading authentication and security into your existing mobile app, with our packaged software development kit (SDK).

Alternatively, utilize a standalone authentication app, provided by Entersekt, customizable to reflect your brand and messaging.
Fast time
to market
Identify your customers and offer better experiences by transforming their mobile apps and desktop browsers into compliant possession factors of authentication with our patented technology.

Get real-time information about a device, including its model, integrity, and current location.

Send real-time authentication challenges to a customer’s device and receive a digitally signed response in return.
Mobile authentication is part of Entersekt’s proprietary Context Aware™ Authentication solution that uses risk-based authentication data, a customer’s cross-channel interactions, and personalized authentication preference to minimize friction, prevent fraud, and deliver the best customer experience. Benefits include:
Secure, compliant authentication

Use cases:

Account access
Authenticate customers digital banking access and login​
High-risk interactions​
Adding endpoints, changing payment limits etc​
Money movement
Consent for push payments secured by identifiers, signals and authentication ​
Multi-factor authentication
Establish user identity by requiring two out of 3 identifying factors​

Market trends.

Speed at which Entersekt’s one-touch mobile authentication solution performs compared to SMS OTPs.
10x faster
Reduction in fraud attacks experienced by Entersekt customers after implementation.
Percentage of cybersecurity solutions that display weaknesses and vulnerabilities in data transmission.
Blocking of automated bots, thanks to two-factor authentication.

Protects against:

Man in
the middle

Product highlights:

Low friction
device ID

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