Secure MNO Authentication
Upgrade from traditional SMS one-time PINs (OTPs) to MNO Authentication, an intuitive and reliable mobile-network–based solution that securely authenticates your customers on any mobile device.

Eliminate the risk of SIM-based fraud and related attacks.

MNO Authentication

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Fast Deployment Requires no Mobile app
Requires no mobile app, enabling fast deployment.

Uses your customers’ existing numbers, removing the need for additional customer registration.
Eliminate SIM-swap Fraud

Fast deployment with no
additional registration

Seamless, Inclusive Authentication
Obtain real-time insight into potential SIM-swap or SIM-port attacks.

When SMS OTPs must remain in use, SIM-check functionality can add a critical layer of security.
Offers a quick, secure way to obtain customer consent for a range of interactions on any mobile device using network-initiated USSD (NI-USSD).

Delivers an intuitive user experience, automatically triggered from your system.

Provides high-context reports of attempted fraud from your customers.

Eliminate SIM-swap fraud and related threats

Seamless, inclusive

Benefits for your business.
What the experts say.
75% of people have not access to smartphones
10 times faster
MNO Authentication performs 10 times faster than SMS-based authentication.
Research indicates that up to 75% of people in developing countries do not have access to a smartphone.
USSD Authentication takes only 3 seconds
1.1 Billion People with Feature Phones
While the adoption of smartphones continues to rise worldwide, 1.1 billion people still only have access to a feature phone.
On average, authentication via USSD takes
only 3 seconds.
Identify customers 30 times faster*
*African Bank replaced manual question verification over the phone with push USSD to identify their real customers 30 times faster than before.
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